From IBMH, we present to you the new and improved low-profile hidden slides, with soft close and 3D adjustment! You can now add them to your catalog thanks to our professional management. We’ll explain how they work and detail their technical features. T...
New! Low-profile hidden slides, with soft close and 3D adjustment
Chinese Proverbs, called “yyànyŭ,” are phrases that capture the wisdom of illustrious philosophers and thinkers throughout the centuries. They not only help us understand the world around us but also prove to be of great assistance in building an...
Chinese Proverbs Applied to Business: Part II
The phygital experience, besides being innovative, offers the possibility of complementing physical experiences with digital ones. That’s why more and more companies are embracing it. In the following lines, we’ll tell you exactly what it consists ...
Phygital Experience: What It Consists of and Its Main Advantages
The success of a company is not solely dependent on the business idea itself, but also on the people who are part of it. The employees play such a significant role in a company. It’s not surprising for Human Resources to focus all their attention on the s...
Advantages of Hiring Young Talent


5 advantages of working with IBMH

2015-12-03T11:47:34+00:00 December 3rd, 2015|

1. We are specialized: At IBMH we focus on ironwork, furniture, wood and decoration,what makes us unique industry experts. 2. Very demanding quality management: We work in depth with all our suppliers. We know how and where they do each of the works. That is the only way to obtain excellent results. 3. Synergies in the negotiations: By negotiating altogether for large international companies of high purchasing power in China, we can achieve exceptional economic conditions, unlike companies that work independently. 4. Innovative computer system: At IBMH we work with ad hoc top-level technological tools, which streamline management processes and allow us to track in real time all orders, shipments and quotes. 5. If we do not meet expectations, we do not charge it: The externalization of the purchasing process of any company with IBMH always reports a great benefit, because with IBMH we never have fixed costs. And, in the case that after our management our customers’ expectations are not met, [...]

Benefits of the Chinese market

2015-12-03T11:38:00+00:00 December 3rd, 2015|

In China there is a remarkable integration into the world economy. Each year, both the ratio of exports of Chinese goods and services and the foreign direct investment increase, which shows the good performance of the country's economy. On the other hand, constant improvements in the infrastructure of large Chinese cities are happening: motorways, airports, sea ports and power distribution have improved dramatically, representing a direct positive impact on the purchase management processes. In addition, rapid industrialization and the flexibility of the labor market have achieved a significant job creation, so increasingly we find people specialized in the production of items that benefit the quality of the Chinese results. Finally we highlight something extremely important when working with a country with so much potential: healthy macro-economic indicators. This, together with an increasingly sophisticated economic policy, provides a great macroeconomic stability.

The best way to import quality Lock Doors from China

2015-12-03T11:26:39+00:00 December 3rd, 2015|

In IBMH we are managing the import of quality locks from China. We have long been perfecting the process of purchasing management to import specific products. And today we can say that we are world leaders in importing and locks Door Locks from China. […]

Furniture designs in Oak Veneer with Nordic Style.

2015-07-07T09:16:39+00:00 July 7th, 2015|

Today we want to show these exclusive designs of tables, side tables, TV tables, shelves…. all of them are made in oak + UV paint, this is a Nordic style with modern designs that never go out of style. This style was born in Nordic countries and has gradually been introduced into the world. It is a style born influenced by climate and geographical location of the region of Scandinavia. The long winters and lack of natural light in the Nordic countries created the need for clear and spacious interiors, which make maximum use of natural light. The interiors of their houses are treated with utmost care, with elegance, simplicity and above all functionality, trying to include in the components of the decoration natural resources such as timber from native trees, as is the case with these designs in Oak. […]

Sockets Telescopic Tower

2015-07-07T09:00:44+00:00 July 7th, 2015|

Here we offer an elegant alternative to traditional outlets, ideal for  space-saving design kitchens as well as in offices, meeting room… The multimedia technology and electronics have conquered our daily lives. It’s always ideal if the furniture and interior decoration concepts also offer alternative possibilities to connect to electricity or access to database in a simple and aesthetically attractive way. Just by pressing the button, this type of fitting shows its inner values: the sockets, network connections and USB connection options will be available quickly and conveniently. This option allows neat and organized cables securely and invisibly beneath the work surface. The power strip is hidden in the countertop or tabletop and can be out when you press the button. When power connections and data are no longer needed, the tower can be introduced in their original position manually. Moreover, the system can come configured with the following jacks to [...]


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We at IBMH are a Consultancy and Advisory specialists in Purchasing Procurement Management in China that provide professional import services for companies who regularly import products from China without intermediaries. As a company IBMH works as Outsourcing Purchase Professionals with the main objective of improving the process of importing for all our customers. In our technical buying office in Guangzhou, we make our daily work as China Purchasing Consulting and China Sourcing Agents. We Choose the Right Supplier for You At IBMH, as China Buying Agents or China Purchasing Consultants, We are experts in how to import from china saving and reducing costs on purchases of Furniture Fittings, Furniture Hardware, Door Hardware, Kitchen Cabinets Hardware. We can also provide Home Furniture, Home Decoration and all Wood products such as MDF, Plywood and many more. When you choose IBMH to be your Agent or Consultant of Procurement in China, we will [...]

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