Work process

IBMH work process is based on productivity. This is our key to success.

As your Strategic Sourcing office in China, we help you optimize your procurement office time and resources in China, working as closely as possible with your own Procurement Department.

Our local presence will make your importations more agile and safe.

First steps

  • 1

    In our first meeting, we evaluate together your first import project specific needs and requirements.

  • 2

    Once we study a. the specifics of your requirements (technical aspects, packaging, thickness, weigh, raw materials, personalized containers, etc.), b. a real estimate of the purchase amount (quantity) and c. a target price, we will make a few recommendations based on our deep knowledge of the market and always thinking on your best interest.

  • 3

    Then, we will introduce you to our clients’ exclusive tool: IBMH Procurement Management Platform (PMP) , your personal assistant along the working process. You will have a complete control over your furniture and construction hardware imports in China. Access PMP from anywhere and on any of your devices with the new APP. Download now on:

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    You will follow a course on how to create purchase and new products requisition with our exclusive tool. We will always communicate through PMP, a user-friendly and efficient tool that will reduce your management times.

Follow up

  • Every other week meetings to discuss questions and doubts, pending matters and/or new products, etc.

  • Direct contact with your Strategic Sourcing team in China through PMP allows 100% traceability on communications.

  • 100% safe and confidential access to all your purchase information such as production date, shipping date, load control, technical data sheets, logistics, customs information… all protected by Salesforce most advanced online security.


We will keep you posted on the latest news via newsletters, emailing or social networks. As one of our clients, you will get exclusivity on some hot news too!

We know the Chinese furniture and construction hardware market as well as the Chinese economy back to front. This enables us to give you a strategic vision of both the local and international markets and help you make the right decision quickly for your business.

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