Student Internships

Get to know the world of business and gain experience through continuous learning. With IBMH internships, you will get real knowledge and gain true experience, while applying in practice theoretical concepts.

Do you really want to stand out?

We will take you further and beyond. No, you won’t be here to archive documents, make photocopies and / or coffee.

At IBMH, we recruit trainees to give them real experience. We see internships as a way to learn about one’s own strengths and set objectives for one’s future career.

And in your case, once you will know us from inside, you may want to join us and apply for a job. Develop your career as a member of our excellent team!

With IBMH, put your skills into practice and unlock your true potential. Let’s start working on your professional growth!

Internships, what are they?

IBMH Trainees Program starts with a Welcoming and Integration Plan to help you adapt to your new working environment and get to know your co-workers, as well as the organizational culture of the company. From day one, you’ll be able to rely on your personal tutor, who will be there for you, for follow-up work or any future help you may require. You will be able to count on him or her for personal as much as professional matters. His or her objective is to boost your work, progress and results.

Internships, how do they work?

There is the choice of full-time or part-time internships, which last between three and twelve months. The first three months are unpaid, but with the advantage of adapting your timetable to your study. As from the fourth month, IBMH offers paid internships with the objective of choosing ideal candidates to join the company and be part of its permanent team.

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