This year the Chinese culture has mediated to points never reached previously. Digital culture in continuous growth, the increasing quality of products for export, economic growth, innovations in business, education, travel, productions… make China to be this year a permanent Trending Topic.

You will learn 10 more top trends that from IBMH we believe they are going to interest you:

  • Chinese digitization comes to its peak: In 2013 there were 380 million smart devices, and this year there are more than 700 million. That is why it is important that we all have intelligent applications of our businesses adapted for Smartphones.


  • E-commerce evolving:** We can see it in platforms such as Alibaba Taobao Tmall that have checked more than 6,000 million in 24 hours. It is becoming more essential to all kinds of businesses to be a part of online sales, although it is limited in terms of products.
  • Baidu Chinese search engine is consolidated: This search engine has more than 5,000 million daily searches. We must monitor, analyse and execute positioning strategies for this search engine.

baidu ibmh

  • WeChat, instant messaging app, has already 632 million users: We must bear in mind why and how Chinese users use Instant Messaging.


  • There are increasingly more efficient companies, which produce more and better products, obtaining more benefits. This causes a radical change in the market, since companies, increasingly, are looking for people with skills and digital expertise.
  • SME’s become essential: In this 2016 SMEs are around 70% of the GDP in China. These small businesses to consider for our export strategies are a constant source of employment and innovation. Also the adoption of technology by SMEs has a great impact in the increase of the labour productivity of China, since internet reduces the barriers to entry and increases the competitive intensity.
  • Start-ups continue emerging in the digital world and grow at affordable prices and allow other companies to evolve at all levels.

empresa china

  • Online companies of food continue increasing. From 2013 the total online transactions of food have grown 75%. This growth is due to the standardization of payments via mobile phone and, according to a study, for “hygiene, taste and shipping time respectively”.
  • The number of urban children, between 6 and 12 years old, that has micro-blogging accounts increases in** China. They use instant messaging and the internet similarly to adults.

internet ibmh

  • Big brands are committed to promote themselves through networks, such as Sina Weibo and WeChat. We must not forget them in our marketing strategies.