Quality Control Service

IBMH on site Management and Quality Control system enables us to guarantee end products’ highest quality.

Inspection and Quality Control service in China

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    Samples technical inspections

    Regular samples technical inspections determine whether the products meet technical requirements.

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    Inspection at the start of Production

    We check the Chinese manufacturers’ raw materials and components to guarantee maximum quality.

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    Failure monitoring

    At the start of production to avoid any possible product failures and/or delay on the agreed production deadlines.

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    Final production inspection

    Comprehensive inspection of manufactured goods through random sampling, in accordance with ISO 2859 (AQL). Our highly technical knowledge and great experience make products’ inspection management easier.

Below, some of the aspects we double check:

  • Visual aspect.

  • Functions.

  • Quantities.

  • Colors.

  • Dimensions.

  • Accessories.

  • Logos.

  • Kind of cardboard used.

  • Bar codes.

  • Weigh.

  • Characteristics.

  • Required labelling and printing.

  • Type of pallets used.

  • Any other specific inspection detail required by our clients.

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    Inspection of the containers loading process

    These are the on-the-spot checks we perform:

    • containers’ state.

    • loading operation.

    • quick check of the uploaded products.

    • correct sealing of containers.

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    Specific lab tests

    Security is essential whenever investing in China.

    We consider that the word or promise of a supplier isn’t quite enough to secure the use of the right and agreed components,especially when some products might be prohibited in your home country.

    To guarantee the agreed chemical composition of the materials used by Chinese manufacturers, IBMH only works with independent and renowned accredited laboratories, as to always comply with all local and international legislation.

These are the tests we normally proceed to:

  • Chemical composition analysis
    with spectometers and metallographic microscope.

  • Magnet Induction Test
    determines the quality of the product’s surface.

  • Tensile test.

  • Charpy impact test.

  • X-rays and ultrasound test
    to prevent castings’ porosity and shortening.

  • Saline mist and condensation chamber to evaluate corrosion resistance in adverse environments.

Sample final ranking

The possible failures encountered during our Inspection Service in China are classified as follows:


product is not safe and can be damaging for the end user and/or might not comply with each specific country regulations.


visual and/or functional failures that might refrain product release.


low visual and/or functional failures.

Delivery of reports according to standards

  • Quality Inspection report: we provide a detailed quality control report, so our clients can double check the information delivered by our inspectors.

  • Quality standards: our final quality control report complies with ISO2859 (ANSI/ASQCZ1.4-2003) requirements, also known as AQL (Aceptable Quality Level), which defines the inspection and acceptable quality level.

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