Strategic Sourcing

IBMH is a Procurement Management and Quality Control based in China that specializes in the furniture and construction hardware and accessories industry.

Our objective:

is to become your Strategic Sourcing office in China. We guarantee a competitive purchasing price while offering a comprehensive service. We want to meet the needs of any company that aims to be successful in its business relationship with China.

Save as much as
40% on your annual procurement cost.

Our Strategic Sourcing office will enable you to:

  • Significantly improve your current purchase prices in China.
    The high volume of purchase we manage annually gives us a strong negotiating power with Chinese manufacturers: joint purchase allows for joint negotiation for all our clients worldwide.
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises. Our Quality Control department will detect and solve any inconvenience that may occur in China. We control and coordinate the entire process for you.
  • Have your own R&D Department in China. Because we know the furniture and construction hardware industry like the back of our hand, we can offer personalized recommendations on innovative products worldwide.
  • Introduce you to China’s best manufacturers and not only those who attend the hardware industry’s international fairs!
  • Negotiate on your behalf and in Chinese, as well as taking care of your interests with total independence from the manufacturers we recommend.
  • Have a physical office in China with a strategic vision and a specialized team at your service.

What are the advantages of working with us?

  • No extra cost. IBMH’s service represents zero-cost of your company’s annual purchasing expenses. No matter how you look at it, with IBMH, you will always be on the winning side!
  • Our experience is your guarantee. With more than 24 years in the hardware industry at international level, we know the Chinese market back to front. As a matter of fact, we live and work in China. We understand your needs and speak your language.
  • Price reduction: save as much as 40% on your annual procurement cost. With IBMH, you’ll have direct access to manufacturers.
  • Exclusivity and confidentiality. We assure our partners utmost confidentiality. We do not work with any company that might be considered as a direct competitor to our customers.
  • A unique service, a unique point of view. Thanks to our linguistic and cultural diversity, we understand exactly what you think and after 24 years of experience in the furniture and construction hardware industry in China, we know how to transmit it to local suppliers. Not only in their own words, but with the technical understanding of our engineers or / and the factories’ owners and engineers themselves. We know and see things or details that Chinese suppliers might neither see nor understand (or, if they do, might not handle the way you would like them to). 
    • We are a multicultural team. We are both European and Chinese.
    • We live in China, which means we have a face to face contact with the manufacturers.
    • Technical issues are dealt by our engineers with engineers and / or factory’s owners themselves directly.
    • Our deep knowledge of the local market, as well as our experience in the local hardware industry, enables us to understand perfectly your needs and meet them in no time, without errors nor misunderstandings.
    • IBMH is the only company that will provide you with a comprehensive service of Procurement Management, making your purchasing process both efficient and stable.

Start earning with each of your imports and benefit from the advantages of having your own Strategic Sourcing office in China.

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