Trainees opportunities

If you have recently completed your higher/university education in:

  • • mechanical engineering.
  • • marketing and communication.
  • • graphic design and layout.
  • • international purchase and supply management.
  • • trade and international logistics.

… and if you think IBMH is the place where you want to develop your future career, we shall make sure to give you every possible opportunity to unlock your true potential.

We have created a positive, professional and joyful work environment, with a special attention to individual responsibility, opportunity, and personal independence. We support our employees’ growth through continuous learning and professional training. Our only objective is to ensure your personal and professional growth within the company. There is only one possible limit here, your own self!

IBMH offers the best combination for a great working environment: innovation, motivation and collaboration.

At IBMH we know that, in order to learn and grow from the very start, you will need great tools, and this is exactly what we commit ourselves to provide you with. You will be working in a nice and stimulating environment, that will enable you to reach both your personal and professional full potential, while collaborating with the company.

At IBMH, we also know that in order to learn properly, you need to practice. The ball is on your side: come and make the most out of all the development opportunities we will provide. Take your chance! The future is in your hands.

Ask, suggest, try new things, apply what you’ve learnt and find out about how far you can go with us!

Learning and Development Graduate Programs include:

Theoritical and practical learning:
You will learn from qualified and experienced co-workers that will share their knowledge with you and help you grow.

Mentoring training:
Our mentors will provide you with all the support, advice, and feed-back, as well as trust and encouragement you need to grow professionally.

Team projects:
You will have the opportunity to participate in invaluable business cases and projects, in which your ideas and suggestions will be taken into account by both the clients and IBMH.

How to become an integrated professional with the best combination for a great working environment: innovation, motivation and collaboration?

We want you in our team. We need you to be part of IBMH on its way to success!

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