Corporate Social Responsibility

We only work with Chinese suppliers that comply with good work conditions for their employees.

Even though work conditions have improved greatly in the past few years (wages rise, insurance contracts, reduction on working hours, etc.), there is still much to be done as unfortunately, many factories are still exploiting their workers.

Good, human and safe work conditions are definitely a part of our quality standard. No matter whether working on strategic sourcing or purchase management, we always consider corporate social responsibility as a must.


We will not…

  • work with companies that do not comply with adequate work conditions for their workers. We want to help our partners eradicate all kind of labour exploitation in this country.

  • accept advantageous purchase deals for our clients if these entail lower work conditions the workers.


We will…

  • collaborate with manufacturers that make sure labour conditions are adequate for their workers and work with the best raw materials and production process.

Please check the Code of Conduct our partners need to sign in order to work with us.

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