IBMH from inside

As soon as you enter our company (either physically and/or virtually), you’ll feel our passion. Passion for creating and helping, for building and developing projects. In other words, passion to making sure we meet your own special needs.

At IBMH, we wish to offer a perfect, unique and advantageous service. This is how we work. How we enjoy doing so. Passion and commitment is our leitmotiv. This is how we want to grow and grow together with our clients.

How do we work?

  • Restlessness. We are constantly looking for new hardware and furniture fittings suppliers in China. The experience has shown us that this is the only way to go about it: never stop looking. That’s the way to get the best conditions always.

  • Interest. We negotiate with all the parties involved in the purchase process as if it were our own company that was about to import fromChina. We are your team here, a mere extension of your company, with the “plus” of our vision, knowledge, expertise and unique strategy to reach amazing results.

  • Experience and professionalism. We are a team of experts that has been working in China for more than 24 years. It is that simple: if you want to import hardware and furniture fittings from China, we are your best option. Let us join your company!

IBMH in the world

IBMH is China’s leading furniture and construction hardware and accessories consultancy company with commercial operations over 5 continents.

Please contact us. We will manage your fittings imports, where ever you are.

IBMH in the world
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