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Based in China, with commercial activity in more than 27 countries around the globe, IBMH is the world leading furniture fittings and construction hardware Procurement Management company. Our multicultural and highly qualified team would love to grow professionally with you.

We have a passion for our job. We live it fully and develop it eagerly every single day. At IBMH, we love creating, brainstorming, thinking and developing new projects together with and for our clients. This is the way we think and live our everyday worklife. This is our work philosophy.

Join us and live the experience of working in a positive work environment. Feel what it is like to work in a openminded team recognized for innovation and excellence.

At IBMH, we believe that people can change the present and improve the future. Our priority lies in caring for the life, health and wellbeing of our team as well as of anyone who works with us in China.

We value our team of professionals, as they are the driving force behind the company.

We bring our employees a good working environment as well as the necessary opportunities and challenges to grow professionally.

Let’s see what this really means, if you were to work with us:

  • You will experience what it is like to work in an open environment, in an office filled with light, within a system of equality for all employees and where communication and dialog is the way to go.

  • You will work in a multicultural environment, with customers from all over the world.

  • You will work with a professional team, full of talented co-workers..

Our philosophy

IBMH recruitment process is based on the following three fundamental principles: transparency, non-discrimination and equal opportunity. The selection is based on the candidate’s values, skills and merits only.

In order to get a clear and measurable evidence of the candidates’ merits and skills, we analyse and evaluate them thoroughly. This is what we consider:

  • The candidate’s potential. There are two qualities we’d like our candidates to have: aptitude and attitude.
  • The candidate’s own personality.
  • The candidate’s skills profile.
  • The candidate’s behaviour in the context of teamwork.
  • The candidate’s aptitude and vision of leadership.
  • The candidate’s capacity to put her/his work at the disposal of another.
  • The candidate’s involvement and motivation.
  • The candidate’s capacity to adapt to the job.

The final objective of this recruitment process is to find the most qualified person for each of the positions IBMH needs to fill in its Guangzhou office in China.

Good written and spoken English is required to fulfil the job requirements. If you add it up to productivity, effort and enthusiasm, then success is guaranteed.


Come and join IBMH team. Grow with us!


At IBMH, we believe in long-term career development. We know people need challenges and motivation to grow professionally and achieve their full potential. Come and join us! Begin your professional career in a workplace full of opportunities. Let’s challenge your knowledge, proactiveness, talent and enthusiasm.

Experienced professionals

Take this unique opportunity to contribute to the inexorable growth of the world leading furniture fittings and construction hardware Procurement Management Company. Come and share with us your experience and help us increase our corporate value. Release your potential and enrich your professional experience.

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