This month we present you an article of exponential success in recent months. It is a hardware for trundle with which we can use the space under the bed for storing all kinds of objects, such as toys, elements that occupy much place (skis, coats…), bed linens for summer and winter, etc.

This hardware allows you to have a dual role, one of trundle and another of bunker, which is ideal because with a simple movement it allows us access to what is stored inside.

The trundle is a structure that supports the mattress, but if we add to this a lifting hardware, what is only a traditional bed turns into a bunker with a lot storage space ideal for home, hotels, apartments, etc. It is a very successful hardware, since in many cities we increasingly have access to smaller homes, of which we must take advantage to the last corner.


Hinges for bunker and trundle beds are hardware for beds that furniture manufacturers most use nowadays.

This lifting hardware for bunker beds needs a shock absorber or gas spring to operate.

Thanks to gas springs of different strength which we can select once we make the purchase in the Chinese manufacturer, we can adapt the strength of them to the final weight of the bed, with the idea that the process of opening and closing are really soft and effortless.

How hinges for bunker and trundle beds work:

This device is built with a shaft and two steel tubes. The outer tube is called reserve tube which is usually full of oil. The internal tube is called compression tube.

At one end, steel shaft has the support that will anchor to the fixed part. At the other end is a piston that always moves along the compression tube, which presses or sucks oil flowing through valves installed in the compression tube.


The tube contains a small amount of oil to lubricate the stem and provide an opening and closing controlled at the end of the race. Gas absorbers are always mounted with the stem pointing towards the ground to prolong its life. There are many sizes and strength (which is measured in newtons) depending on its application.


The vast majority of companies prefer to import this hardware from China in Packs or hardware kit for trundle, which is composed with the mechanisms (left and right) plus two pistons of different strength according to the weight that has to rise.

Hinge for trundle, along with gas pistons, is one of the main components of a bunker or trundle bed.