Today you will learn 3 secrets thanks to which we are able to bring you the best suppliers in China. We do all the work for you: management, auditing, shipping, negotiation… Everything you need to get the best prices. Read more to learn our secrets to get you the best negotiations!

1. We only negotiate prices with the owners of the factories:

We do not negotiate prices by phone, by email or by Instant Messaging. At IBMH we are quite aware that the only way to achieve absolutely preferential economic conditions on purchases of our clients is negotiating face to face with the owners of the factories, which can offer a product according to the prerequisites established by our clients.


2. Prior audits to all factories

At IBMH we perform constant audits in Chinese factories. The idea is to make sure that the factory has the infrastructure and levels of control needed to manufacture our customers’ orders with guarantees. In addition, we also include an investigation of the company thoroughly (we make sure that the company is not on any blacklist) and we carry out other additional control actions with the idea of avoiding possible frauds.


3. Comprehensive quality control

Our quality control service will use the initial sample sent by our customer to compare it with a piece taken from the real production made by the factory, doing laboratory tests to ensure that the product complies with local and international laws. During this inspection process, if we detect any defects, at IBMH we are liable for the Chinese manufacturers to make all the necessary changes for our customer to get a perfect final product and free of defects.