Quality Control Service and Inspection Services in China

At IBMH we have set up a very strict management and Quality Control in China systems "in situ", taking all possible measures to ensure the finest quality final product is delivered.

IBMH always does an exhaustive China Quality Control previous to shipment; We do this by conducting frequent checks and inspections throughout the production process, ranging from a comprehensive analysis of raw material quality, to the implementation of rigorous checks of semi-finished products and, in turn, a comprehensive quality assessment of the final product.

You can verify and analyze in detail all our inspection through the quality Inspection Reports. We always surprise our customers with the presentation of our reports in an innovative format in which, all have the feeling of having witnessed the inspection at the factory.

In IBMH we anticipate and avoid problems in China, conducting our exhaustive Quality Controls always taking full advantage of our high technical knowledge and especially the previous experience we have in the products inspected daily. We follow the ISO2859 standard (ANSI / ASQCZ1.4-2003), also known as AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) defining inspection criteria and acceptable quality levels within a Final Quality Control Report .

Defects can be classified into three levels:
: When the product is not safe, harmful to the final user, and can also come into conflict with the specific regulations of each country.
Major: When the product shows faults that affect the visual appearance or the correct functioning of the product, having a serious impact on the sales.
Minor: When possible failures don't affect the appearance or correct product functionality.

IBMH offers various Inspection Services in China and Quality Control in China with the idea of covering individual and specific needs of each and every one of our customers.

1.Inspection Samples: One of the key aspects within our Sourcing service are the technical inspections carried in all samples that pass through our hands, with which we try to determine whether the samples we receive from the factories meet the technical requirements to be considered as suitable.

2.Inspection at the beginning of the Production: The main purpose of this inspection is to ensure that the Chinese manufacturer meets the requirements in relation to the quality of raw materials and components used. By checking the first articles obtained after the beginning of production, we compared directly with samples previously approved by our client. Our mission is to try to detect faults just at the start of production and be able to solve all possible problems encountered ahead of time, avoiding delays in production deadlines established initially in the Proforma Invoice.

3.Inspection at the end of Production: The main purpose of this inspection is to conduct a comprehensive inspection of all products manufactured, performing random sampling according to ISO 2859 (AQL) standard and taking full advantage of our high technical knowledge and extensive previous experience that we have due to the products inspected daily. There are many aspects to be controlled, the appearance of the product and its functions, quantities, colours, sizes, accessories, logos, packaging, type of cartons used, barcodes, weight, characteristics to be matched, labeling and printing requirements and types of pallets and other tests based on specific inspection requirements submitted by our customers.

4.Container Loading Inspection: We supervise the conditions of the container, the process of loading the products by the operators and we do a quick check of the loaded goods. Finally we verify the proper sealing of the container.

5.Specific Laboratory Tests: Safety when we will make a strong economic investment in China is absolutely fundamental. The words and promises of the provider are not enough to have the reassurance if the products meet the established requirements or if they use any chemicals banned in our country. IBMH collaborates with independent prestigious certified laboratories in China, who perform a wide range of mechanical tests and laboratory tests to ensure the correct chemical composition of materials used by Chinese manufacturer when manufacturing our products.

The most common tests we perform for our clients are:
- Analysis of chemical composition, for which the use of spectrometers and metallographic microscopes are required.
- Test of Magnetics Quality, determining the quality of the item material near its surface.
- Mechanical Test to correctly measure the resistance.
- Impact strength Test (Charpy test)
- Control of surface hardness (Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers)
- X-ray and Ultrasound Test in order to prevent shortening of porosity and castings.
- Salt spray chamber Test to measure the corrosion resistance in harsh weather environments.


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