Without further ADO, we are glad to inform you that this 2016 IBMHCORP takes hold as the Procurement Company in China Undisputed Leader at European level within its sector.

Our successful international growth is not surprising, since the rapid development that IBMHCORP is having on the European market, is mainly due to the larger European Companies of the Hardware Sector that have begun to trust IBMHCORP to manage all their imports from China.


IBMHCORP began to initially expand into Latin America. Its strategy was based on collaborating professionally with the local number one in each market where IBMHCORP had something to offer, in terms of High Technical Knowledge or ability in order to reduce costs in a comprehensive way.

However, there were selected only those companies which share their values of long-term business relationship, since the idea is not to manage specific purchases in China, but to create collaborative long-term projects where IBMHCORP began to form part of the structures of these companies in China as its own buying office, but without having fixed management fees.


The great success achieved in Latino markets, is having its replica in Europe, because European companies have realized that maintaining a fixed structure in China requires much investment, time control and supervision and that also does not mean that the end result of the work is the best possible.

On the other hand, relying on a specialized external company like IBMHCORP, not leads to fixed costs, because really the management costs of IBMHCORP are absorbed by the total savings made on purchases of our clients through our management; by negotiating jointly for several companies, our bargaining power with Chinese manufacturers is much greater than the force that a single company may have negotiating on their own.

At IBMHCORP we do not resell products or intermediate your purchases, but we offer a professional comprehensive service which includes the following processes:

  • Complete definition at a technical level of the product that you want to buy, taking full advantage of our high technical knowledge.


  • Search, identify and select the ideal providers according to the specific demands of our customers based on our previous experience of over 15 years in China.

  • Negotiation of prices and conditions of purchase face to face with the owners of factories, to ensure the best direct price “Without intermediaries”.

  • Verification and Quality Control of the samples received from Chinese manufacturers, with the idea of saving management time and especially save any costs of sending unnecessary or defective samples.


  • Internal Logistics Coordination in China to unify different shopping to several suppliers in a single procurement management.

  • Monitoring of production times to ensure delivery times agreed with Chinese manufacturers.

  • Quality control during production and prior to shipment of the goods, to fully ensure the absolute quality of the final product.

  • Coordination of the logistics management of the orders for perfect delivery in the country destination, easily and smoothly.

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For us, the only way to grow firmly is next to our clients and therefore we must take care and pamper their business as if it were truly ours.

It is very simple: if your business is going well, it is going well to us.