This month we highlight as furniture hardware, the on elevating hinges for tables that our reliable Chinese manufacturers prepare for your orders.

This scissors system raises a sector of small tables of the household. With this hardware, we can turn an auxiliary table in a dining room, with only two movements.

bisagras elevables

On the other hand, this hardware is ideal for apartments or small spaces where every small space is important. Its installation is very simple: just incorporate the mechanism to the table frame and hardware boards, following the measures shown in the installation manual, which each one will adapt to their design and the desired height.

In addition, the opening and closing system is adjustable from various positions on the docks.

bisagras elevables

The mechanism of the on elevating hinges for coffee tables is an original and practice idea, which allows multiple designs to make a table for the home. And this hardware has a double function: it approaches the table top to the seat, giving a height at the same time and turning it into a work table, or to eat while watching television. It is ideal to become a table with double bottom to keep the remote control of the TV, laptop, and even if the sides are closed it becomes a practical trunk.

bisagras elevables

The mechanism has various sizes and heights of lifting, being very easy to install. And the on elevating hinges to center tables are some of the tables’ hardware that are most used by furniture manufacturers.

With IBMH you can import economic hardware from China with reliable suppliers and that we know with accuracy. However we always perform a thorough Quality Control in China prior to shipment, to fully ensure that the manufactured hardware exactly matches the hardware initially requested to the Chinese manufacturer.