Doing business in China requires knowledge and research, as well as experience. That is the reality. For this reason, at IBMHCORP we work with leading import companies, getting them a great saving in the import management and purchase prices, thanks to our expertise. However, there are more things that you should take into account to achieve best results for your business.

We are your Partner, and for this reason, we remind you the 3 most common errors of companies starting out in this adventure.

Forgetting about protecting products through intellectual property

China is famous for superbly copy other companies’ products and perform them at a more affordable cost. For this reason, it is important that you protect your products with a record in intellectual property. Another effective way to avoid backups is divide the production process into as many parts as possible, as well as to search different suppliers for each part. In this way we also assure the quality of each part by the use of experts in each field in particular.


Underestimate logistics

In addition to having logistics operators of excellent reliability and with exceptional prices, it is important to simplify the complexity of procurement processes and materials data. At IBMHCORP we have a sophisticated Online Control System of the cost of the raw materials that will help you control the prices updated at all times.


Underestimate cultural differences

China is a peculiar country. At IBMHCORP we have years studying and analyzing the Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, to know how and when they will give us the best results.


Having a partner who knows the Chinese culture is the key to avoid misunderstandings. There are many things that you may not know without any or little experience. Rely on IBMHCORP to improve your experience in China.