The Import and Export Fair in China, also known as Canton fair, was founded in the spring of 1957. This event takes place every year in the spring and autumn and is currently a large general meeting of China’s international trade.

Canton fair has a great wingspan, thanks to the large amount of exposed items, which is undoubtedly its greatest attraction.


The Canton fair is mainly aimed at import and export trade. Their forms of trade are multiple and flexible. Traveling merchants come from around the world to Guangzhou, exchanging commercial information and developing friendship in the business.

1st period: April 15-19, 2016

2nd period: April 23-27, 2016

3rd period: May 1-5, 2016

Location of the Import and Export Fair in China:

No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Lu, Hai Zhu district, Guangzhou City, China.


The truth is that many of our customers use the Canton fair as an excuse to be able to come to China to visit us. For us, the Canton fair is a great exhibition of products where our customers will be able to see the breadth of product ranges that could be bought in China, with a major exhibition.


The truth is that for everyone finding a provider in this fair is very complicated. The main reason is that this fair is presented mostly by more than 80% companies trading companies that really do not manufacture anything, all they do is to buy here and there, on the other hand there are approximately 15% of manufacturers that really are only mere assemblers of parts, which buy parts in different factories and their function simply lies in piecing all, the problem is that they also buy here and there. There are also actual factories, which are the 5% of the total number of exhibitors. But the question is: How to succeed and find them?


For this purpose IBMH exists, because as your purchasing agent in China, operationally we will be part of the structure of your company as your own buying office located in China, specialized in furniture hardware, doors hardware, wood products and products for the decoration of the home. The primary key of our work is “simply” locate and negotiate directly with the actual manufacturer. To do this we have more than 15 years of experience in the purchasing management in China.

You should take into account that in IBMH we are not a trading company, because we are “Purchasing Agents in China” specialists in the Asian market, we work with the aim of achieving a comprehensive reduction in all your purchasing costs.