The more than 500 Quality Control services in China made by experts over the past year, made our control and verification system to be really rigorous.

Many of the new buyers think of Asia as a place where they can easily get cheap products. While there is a great opportunity to find low-cost products, the pursuit of quality to match it is extremely difficult. Then you will learn 10 things to keep in mind in the Quality Control in China.

quality control IBMH

1. A bad quality control in China makes that foreign companies cannot guarantee that products meet the health and safety requirements of their country. The results are losses of millions of euros.

2. Chinese companies tend to make safe products, but it is essential that companies make the due diligence to ensure the quality of Chinese manufacturers visiting the place of manufacture of the Chinese company. At IBMH we know and visit each of the Chinese factories where products that we buy are produced. Seeing the factory allows us to make sure that the company is a legitimate entity and makes the products according to your company standards.

quality control IBMH

3. At IBMH we also request manufacturer references and studies of their work with other foreign companies.

4. On the other hand, it is essential to maintain our high quality standards to be clear with the manufacturer about your company-specific rules. As part of this process we develop and maintain a good relationship with the manufacturer.

quality control IBMH


5. At IBMH we carry out a comprehensive inspection of all of the products manufactured, in accordance to the ISO 2859 (AQL) random sampling and taking full advantage of our high level of technical knowledge and the great experience we have in the products that we inspect daily.