innovative company in marketing

Becoming an innovative company in marketing overnight is not a simple task. In fact, it needs to be a gradual change that is made step by step in the right direction. At IBMH, we know as well as you do that being innovative in marketing can bring many benefits in the hardware business. Read on and find out how to do it.

What does it mean to be an innovative company in marketing?

Being an innovative company in marketing in the hardware industry (or any other) means differentiating yourself with the products or services you offer. All of them should be high quality and meet the customers’ expectations. But being innovative in marketing also means being innovative in the field of communication, customer service in the pre-sale phase and post-sale, and knowing how to improve the company to obtain a different and better result.

Innovation in the field of marketing does not have the sole aim of increasing sales. It also seeks to position the company’s products and services and improve satisfaction for the end customer.

What you need to be innovative in the field of marketing

Now that you have a clearer idea of what it means to be an innovative company in marketing, it’s time to talk about the steps to follow if you want to become one. What does a business in the hardware industry need to be innovative in marketing? Or, put another way, how do you turn innovation into a competitive advantage?

If you want your company to stand out for its marketing, you have to…

  • Know how to react to consumer behavior practically in real-time and respond to their needs.
  • Make the correct decisions and analyze the results obtained from those decisions.
  • When there is a hint of an idea or change in marketing, be the first to take action. In this way, an existing reality is exchanged for a new one with greater benefits for the client.
  • Observe, listen and ask questions to try to see what could work and what won’t. You can find clues in the competition, but without copying them. Remember that this is about being innovative, and to do that, you must also be unique.
  • Analyze what is working to continue in that direction and highlight the aspects that have room for improvement or change. In other words, know the company’s weak points in order to find the right solutions.
  • Achieve coordination among all departments in your hardware company. To be an innovative company in marketing, you need to coordinate and make sure every member of the organization is a participant.
  • Understand your current and future audience. Knowing what they think about you, interacting with them, fostering a sense of belonging and identifying their needs are all fundamental to be an innovative company in marketing.


Challenges of being innovative when almost everything’s been done before

You could argue that, in the field of marketing, it’s basically all been done before. Even so, there are more and more new technologies coming out all the time. Tools that are developed to be closer to your clients even if they’re thousands of miles away, communication channels that change on a daily basis… but the question is, what does it mean to be innovative nowadays?

Many companies have realized how valuable it is to try to be innovative in marketing. This leads to a high level of competition, making it even more challenging to stand out from the crowd.

Finding the right moment to innovate in marketing is another difficulty to consider. It’s not a matter of the time or availability to get started, but rather of the changes at the organizational level that it entails. A lack of resources or lack of skills on the part of the company’s team members, and a poorly defined strategy are other barriers that often get in the way.


Advantages of being an innovative company in marketing

The truth is, it isn’t easy, and it takes significant effort. But if you look at the advantages of having your company be competitive in marketing, you’ll see that it’s definitely the path you want to follow:

  • Better positioning and brand image in the mind of the consumer
  • Added value for the company’s brand
  • Possibility of reaching more customers
  • Being different and innovative will make your company unique for your customers. You’ll be able to offer them new solutions to meet their needs.


In conclusion, we can say that, to be an innovative company in marketing, you can’t just work from the communication department. The entire hardware business needs to be involved in this process. That’s the only way you’ll be able to cover the needs of your market with the most innovative products. And that is where IBMH can be a great ally for you.

If you want to know more about how we can help your business grow, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to hear from you!