videoconferences with IBMH

Thanks to technology, distance has ceased to be a problem in business. Physical barriers are no longer an obstacle for companies that, on a global stage, collaborate with corporations from diverse places in the world. Our daily work is full of conversations with international clients, and it is essential to have excellent communication. That’s why, starting from today, videoconferences with IBMH will be different. Introducing our latest acquisition: Lifesize.

Lifesize, quality and innovation in videoconferences with IBMH

The implementation of Lifesize in IBMH’s business routine is a leap in quality and innovation that allows us to offer improved service to our clients. Our team of professionals is located primarily in China, since we manage all orders in an individualized fashion. Because of this, we need a tool that gets us close to all of our clients who want to successfully export hardware from Chinese factories.

Thanks to Lifesize’s multiple applications, meetings separated by thousands of miles are just like an in-person interview. Videoconferences with IBMH are now in high definition and allow us to work more intelligently, feeling as if we are in a face-to-face meeting.

videoconferences with IBMH

Videoconferences with IBMH through Lifesize

What does this tool offer that others don’t? Here are some of the most outstanding features:

  • High-quality videoconferences with realistic and natural audio (bandwidth with echo cancelling) and video (from 1080p to 60 fps).
  • Very simple to use. All it needs is a camera connected to a television, Internet and a Lifesize account. Videocalls can also be made via mobile phone. In addition, it features a simple admin panel.
  • It has a very intuitive interface.
  • Lifesize offers different types of high-definition cameras adapted to your needs:


• auditoriums

• large meeting halls

• medium conference rooms

• private meeting spaces

  • Calls with image and sound can be held between two people or among several participants, with no limit.
  • Plus, it has a chat so that you can stay connected to the contacts in your directory. It also offers the option of streaming the meeting to up to 10,000 simultaneous viewers.
  • The software allows meetings to be recorded and shared.
  • Its videoconference service is cloud-based, giving it more fluid operation.
  • Allows screensharing with the other participants and integration of calendars from different applications.
  • They have a 24/7 customer service system.
  • It’s a tool with secure encryption that works in all countries at all times.

Lifesize vs. other videoconferencing applications

That videoconferences with IBMH are now done through Lifesize did not happen by chance. After carrying out several comparisons, these were our conclusions:

  • Lifesize manufactures systems of HD cameras and integrated HD telephones to offer high-definition videocalls, unlike WebEx or GoToMeeting.
  • Also, Lifesize offers a video monitoring system with notifications in real time, something that Blue Jeans and StarLeaf do not include.
  • Unlike Skype, Lifesize was born specifically to be used by companies. As such, all of its functions are designed with the needs of business relationships in mind.
  • Lifesize is the only tool that allows you to make unlimited audio calls in more than 60 countries. It is also the only one to allow HD recording and shared use through the video library.

At IBMH, we strive to always be on the cutting edge of technology. Videoconferences with IBMH through Lifesize are just one small part, among many others, of our passion for efficiency. And there is no efficiency without technology.

The latest technologies are on our side, on everyone’s side, to improve services. Join IBMH and start earning from the first order.