Perseverance in business

Perseverance in business is undoubtedly one of the main keys to being able to improve personal and professional effectiveness. However, perseverance is also one of the main obstacles, and it can even become a threat. Are you wondering how this huge paradox is possible? Keep reading and you’ll find the answers.

Perseverance as a way to improve and achieve efficiency in your hardware business

We could say that perseverance or persistence is a strength that every company should cultivate. By remaining firm and constant in a given action, you will get your desired results. Thus, effectiveness is achieved. When you repeat a task or a process, you learn to do it better and you will be much more efficient, something that wouldn’t be possible if you only tried once. As a result, the right form of perseverance in business has the following advantages:

  • Meeting the company’s established objectives
  • Achieving business efficiency
  • Good understanding of a process and seeing what isn’t working and what needs to be improved
  • Dedication and effort that make you grow personally and professionally


When perseverance in business becomes a threat to effectiveness

Is it paradoxical to say that persistence is a strength and also a threat? Maybe, but that doesn’t make it any less true. You must be constant in something in order to improve professional performance. This is how you’ll meet the goals set in your hardware business. But you mustn’t make the mistake of focusing solely on one process or task. If you do, you’ll be neglecting other possible options.

It will all depend on the nuances of when, how, or why you are persisting in something specific. The truth is that the only way to improve your effectiveness within the company is to try to do things differently when the time is right. Changing tactics when necessary and starting a new task when the previous one has already been worked on enough.

You know that famous quote by Einstein that says, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”? This is something we can apply to our company, and you can apply to yours, too. Changing strategy is fundamental to being successful.

So, why do we persevere in the wrong way?

One of the main reasons we make the mistake of continuing with the same strategy over and over when it’s clear that we’re not going to accomplish anything productive with it is comfort. Change inevitably requires greater effort, while staying where you are doesn’t really require any.

When you persevere in something just because of comfort, you are dealing with laziness, and laziness is completely incompatible with improvement in personal and professional effectiveness.

Change means effort, but it’s necessary for effectiveness

In order for doing things differently from how you normally do them to be truly sustainable, you have to get to the point where it no longer takes effort to do them. When you do something different from usual, that leads directly to effort and, naturally, to fatigue, as you must consume a large amount of physical and, above all, mental energy.

And the reality is, the only way to make sure something doesn’t take effort in the future is to put in the effort in the present.

What do you need for the right form of perseverance in business?

There are three key points that you need to keep in mind in order to achieve efficiency so that perseverance is a strength and not a threat in your hardware business. In other words, if you want to persevere in business in order to achieve efficiency, you must…

  1. Clearly understand that compromise is critical. Without it, it’s practically impossible to overcome the obstacles that will most definitely arise sooner or later in any process of personal and professional development.
  2. Be aware that, without change, it’s completely impossible to achieve the personal and professional improvements that you want. Furthermore, to persevere in something, you have to be realistic and know when you should continue and when it would be better to start a new project.
  3. Make the effort to implement major changes in your professional environment. This is also the ideal path towards achieving efficiency.


The right kind of perseverance in business allows you to reach your professional goals. At IBMH, we know how important it is to do things well and to have the best products and suppliers to make our clients’ businesses grow. If you want to improve your hardware import business too, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!