New Interior Design System specially for closets

IBMH has worked closely with several manufacturers in the design and creation of a new Interior Design System specially for closets and wardrobes.

Introducing a new line of hardware and accessories for closet interiors and wardrobes that is trending in many European countries. Wardrobes and closets aren’t just for storage anymore—that’s changed. They’ve become spaces where good taste and design reign. Want to hear more? We’ll tell you all about this product that is already a success in Spain, Italy, Portugal, the UK, and in many other countries.

Features of this new Interior Design System specially for closets and wardrobes

  • This special range of hardware and accessories stands out thanks to its brown or espresso finish. Shades that are in line with the latest design trends which definitely set them apart.
  • It has an aluminum frame. The advantage of this frame is that you can add all sorts of additional accessories to it. You can incorporate shoe racks, wire baskets, metal drawers, cloth bins for dirty clothes, wooden drawers for organization, and even rods with nonslip rubber for hanging trousers.
  • Its frame is extensible up to a total width of 50mm. This allows it to adapt to any closet interior gaps, even with wooden panels of different widths.
  • Includes Hidden Runners that are Soft-Close and Silent. Exclusive and with superior quality compared to any other undermounted runner that you can find in China. They have a quick and automatic clip system to attach them to the aluminum frame. Very high weight capacity.


What makes this novel line of organizational hardware and accessories different?

The excellent quality and ease of use of this hardware are two aspects that are very valuable to our clients. But besides that, there are several useful differences that make these organizational hardware and accessories so special and coveted in many markets:

  1. The entire soft-close system is covered with a special finish that offers comprehensive protection for the mechanism. During installation, no wood chips will come into contact with the dampening system in the hidden runner. This prevents potential noises and deterioration of the runner with continued use.
  2. Synchronized” runner. This means that its three parts move in concert, harmoniously, thus extending the product’s useful life.
  3. The quality of the braking system is simply fantastic. There will be no more slamming drawers thanks to the soft-close, which prevents the drawer contents from moving around. This quiet soft-close makes it unique.
  4. Available in many potential combinations of accessories for this range of high-end hardware. With the same finish, the overall aesthetic of the entire hardware line is assured.


Some accessories in this new Interior Design System specially for closets and wardrobes:

  • Wardrobe Lift. (Garment Lifts, Pull-out Clothes Hanger, Pull-out Wardrobe Rail, Extending Wardrobe Rail, Closet Lift, Closet Rod Lift).
  • Hangers for Ties and Belts. (Pull-out Tie Rack, Tie and Belt Hangers).
  • Hangers for Trousers. (Pull-out Trouser Holder, Pull-out Trouser Rack, Pants Hanger, Pants Rack).
  • Pull-out Shoe Racks. (Shoe Rack, Shelf for Shoes, Pull-out Shoe Holder, Shoe Shelf).
  • Valet Holder. (Clothes Hanger, Holder Rack, Clothes Hanger Holder, Pull-out Clothes Hanger, Wardrobe Rack, Wardrobe Tube, Closet Rod).
  • Multipurpose Baskets. (Multipurpose Storage Basket, Pull-out Basket, Removable Basket, Pull-out Unit, Storage Bin).


New Interior Design System specially for closets


In conclusion, we can say that all of these features make this new Interior Design System specially for closets and wardrobes a one-of-a-kind product.

Now that you know its benefits, if you want to add it to your catalogue, wait no more! Get in touch with our commercial team today. We’ll help you in the Strategic Purchase Management of the furniture hardware you need to import from China. Always with success guaranteed!