Towards an asynchronous working model: how to master this new form of communication

The current hybrid or remote work modalities bring with them remarkable changes. Not only in terms of workspaces as such, but also in the way we communicate with the team, managers, suppliers, and customers. How to make such communication effective and close? The key is in the asynchronous working model.

For this new modality of work to work, it is necessary to design an internal communication strategy. That it is not only correctly defined. But it is also understood and shared by all departments.

What does it mean to work asynchronously?

Face-to-face work is carried out synchronously. That is, employees with the same objective perform a good part of the activities that correspond to them for that day at the same time and in a shared space. So, communication is real, simple, fluid and efficient.

But what about teleworking? In the case of hybrid or remote work, we would be talking about an asynchronous communication model. Each team or even each member carries out some actions without the other parties doing the same.

For many advantages that teleworking presents, such as flexible schedules or improved productivity, we cannot make the mistake of losing quality in communications. Synchrony must also have a place in remote work to achieve maximum efficiency.

How to achieve good communication in the new working modalities

To ensure that communications occur in real time and resemble synchronous communications as much as possible, we must consider the following points.

+ How is and what is the objective of the message to be communicated

In the asynchronous working model, the message must be clear, concise, blunt, and adapted to the context. In addition, it must be correctly documented. Having all the necessary information in the same document or tool that all parties can easily access is key to avoiding the interruptions that make us lose so much time.

 + The type of channel chosen

But it is also important to choose the channel correctly. The means by which such communication is to be transmitted. It is not the same to send a video or a PDF than to make a video call. Therefore, it is necessary to agree in advance with the team which will be the platforms through which we are going to communicate. It will avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary waste of time.

+ Work meetings also have a place in the asynchronous working model

Just as it is recommended to set up daily or weekly work meetings in the office to deal with the most important issues, it is also advised for the asynchronous work modality. The teams will be connected at the agreed time already with the list of points to be discussed on their table. These types of connections are also very useful for the distribution of tasks.

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