What is the Metaverse and how long before it becomes a reality?

The Internet is full of social networks, virtual communities, and technologies that allow us to better communicate. In this sense, the Metaverse as a virtual and three-dimensional system goes one step further to connect the virtual world with the physical one. When will it be a reality? What changes or advantages will it have for the business world?

What is the Metaverse, where it comes from and where it takes us

The term as such comes from the novel Snow Crash published in 1992. The word is an acronym composed of ‘meta’, which means ‘after, beyond’. And ‘verse’ which refers to ‘universe’. Therefore, we are talking about a universe located beyond the one we know. Where before only a fictional virtual world was described, now it seems that it begins to be more real and close.

The Metaverse that many companies are already betting on offers a virtual world much more connected to the physical one. With avatars and sensors that record the movements, we will have the feeling that we are in a parallel reality that we can access with the same devices we already have for augmented reality.

One more step for the virtual that leaves behind the fantasy

With total freedom of creation and realistic and personalized interaction as a starting point, the Metaverse leaves aside fiction and fantasy. And it does so to enter a virtual reality focused on the aspects of our day to day.

So much so that these systems will be prepared even to recreate us and interpret our facial expressions and gestures.

Currently, the Metaverse is in its beginning. It is for the moment a concept, an idea that aims to take a step further in the field of augmented reality or virtual reality. Only time will tell us how far it can go!

And what possibilities and opportunities does it offer for business?

It is a technology that tries to achieve a better interaction with people who are not physically present. But the fact of an efficient and real-time communication considering the emotions would not be the only advantage of the Metaverse for companies.

Another of the objectives pursued by the Metaverse is that we can walk through the same room without being present. No less interesting is the possibility of holding work meetings sharing the same virtual office. Attend fairs or congresses… Regardless of where each person is from. The avatar will be in charge of attending that meeting!

The creation of new jobs, the development of new businesses and the optimization of existing ones. As well as making online purchases in a more realistic and close way, they would be other points to consider.

Ready to take advantage of the ‘new world’ thanks to the Metaverse?

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