Teleworking and face-to-face: how to make the hybrid model work

For a few months in many countries teleworking has ceased to be mandatory. However, due to its many advantages, it is still largely implemented alternating with face-to-face work. This new style that alternates teleworking with face-to-face and that arises as a response to the current context is called the hybrid work model. And, if you focus well, you can improve employee productivity and motivation.

Teleworking and face-to-face: What is flexible or hybrid work

Neither 100% face-to-face nor 100% offline. The situation experienced in recent months has made companies see that employees must be the ones who manage their working hours. The flexible or hybrid work model consists of alternating face-to-face work with teleworking (from anywhere) based on the employees’ own organization.

Advantages of alternating remote work with face-to-face work

Hybrid or mixed work has the following advantages:

  • Workers oversee managing their time. This translates into an optimization of time management, an increase in productivity and greater engagement with employees.
  • Managers and employees alike feel happier. Motivation and a sense of belonging achieve an excellent work environment.
  • Thanks to this flexibility, it becomes much easier to reconcile family life and work.
  • Not only talent is retained, but new ones are attracted. If the company is seen as innovative, if it echoes current demands and present needs, it will not lose its ability to have the best and most qualified workers.


The challenges posed by the teleworking and face-to-face modality

Companies that want to implement this way of working must pay attention to the following challenges:

Effective and fluid communication between departments

Working one day in the office, another from home and the third one from the coffee shop in another city requires a system that facilitates effective and fluid communication between teams, departments, managers and consumers.

Digitalization of the company

Not only it is necessary to update the way of working, but also the correct digitalization of the company. And the transfer of digital resources anywhere requires software tailored to the company.


Working from anywhere can pose new cybersecurity threats. For companies that intend to bet on this hybrid modality in which face-to-face is combined with teleworking, they must address the security of personnel and data to avoid possible risks.

Team building

All these changes also involve staff training. Not only in terms of computer science. But also, in everything related to the way of carrying out business tasks effectively and productively.

Does your company also consider alternating teleworking with face-to-face?

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