What is it, what is it for and what are the functions of Smarketing?

Inbound Marketing strategies focus on accompanying users in the purchase process. Within Inbound, Smarketing plays a key role in the transformation of leads into customers. Learn what Smarketing consists of and what its functions are.

The word Smarketing is made up of ‘sales’ and ‘marketing’. Resources within the company are optimized and possible conflicts of interest between departments are minimized. In this way, the sales team and the marketing team join their actions to define a lead generation strategy (customers).

What is Smarketing?

The alignment of marketing and sales teams is what is known as Smarketing. That is, that both departments work together to achieve common objectives.

Although each department has its own functions, they share the management of potential customers. The conversion of a lead covers from the moment the user knows the company until he becomes a customer. That one works hand in hand with the other, will not only enhance the capabilities of both, but will improve productivity, time optimization, and increase sales.

Keys to understanding Smarketing

The keys to Smarketing revolve around increasing sales and greater consumer knowledge. Effective communication (content) and actions are integrated into the strategy.

  • Due to the analysis of what customers expect, personalized communications can be launched either through email or the corporate blog.
  • The actions will be aimed at offering quality products or services that meet the expectations of users.


It should be noted that motivation is fundamental throughout the process. If members see it as an achievable challenge, if they feel their opinions are considered, the results will be more prosperous.

How to implement it successfully step by step

The objectives of Smarketing, common to the sales and marketing team, are the first step. In addition…

  • These goals must be focused on getting leads, that is, they must be linked to sales quotas.
  • Something that would not be feasible if there were no effective communication (weekly meetings are very useful) between both departments. The responsibilities and actions of each member must be defined from the beginning of the strategy.
  • In turn, the integration of a sales and marketing software is necessary to achieve data alignment. And so, synchronize the data automatically between them. In this way, all team members will have a complete view of each buyer’s cycle.
  • The next Smarketing point to consider is feedback. The data, results, statistics, and strengths and improvement must be in the hands of the sales and marketing teams.
  • Equally important is the exchange of ideas, proposals, and suggestions.


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