As we have told you many times, our main mission is “Specialization”, since we only work with hardware and derivate products for wood and construction. This turns us into real professionals and gives us know-how of our unique sector. For that reason we can combat some of the most annoying things of providers, such as the change of the price.

To know the reasons for this, it must be very well known the imports market, Chinese culture and the product to buy, but the truth is that providers never handled accurately quotes.

On the one hand, this is because that the mentality of the Chinese supplier is that the initial quote is not something that is going to result in a project which does not forward. For this reason, details and specifications are not something for sure. In general, Westerners think that the fee should be accurate. Chinese suppliers, on the other hand, wait that you find an error to fix it.

In addition, providers in China usually do not read emails, so they are not connected to the precision and detail. They neither understand the research: they do not usually ask questions, so this leads to problems. An advice should be to choose the appropriate provider for the range of your product. If you ask a supplier that usually quotes for low cost markets a high-end product, the data will be probably failed.

On the other hand, make sure you always know the quote you are arranging. Many vendors get bulk prices. If you have more questions on this issue, contact us directly from here.