KLOK compass hardware nickel finish with a retainer for hinged doors primarily used in top cabinets of kitchens. KLOK compass hardware lifting for doors, also known as arm bearing, bra with bearing, bearing retainer and lifting bearing. With the regulating function of the force that is carried out with the ALLEN screw 4 mm, you can get a simple braking in the fall or the intermediate positioning of the door.

This hardware belongs to the category of liftings, also known as retainers, compasses, shock absorbers and arms.


Compass for overhead doors with continuous and accurate friction movement which keeps the door open in any position or tilt.

Material: High density Zinc alloy.

Finish: Nickel plated.

Manufactured in accordance with the DIN standards of the European Industrial level.

Hi-Tech electroplating treatment to obtain a perfect surface.

The useful life is 3.5 to 4 times higher than in the common lifting hardware.

KLOK hardware for vertical opening doors provides a continuous and accurate movement which allows to open and stop at any inclination, offers 3 opening angles 75°, 90° and 105°.

Total absence of game, friction or resistance on its opening.

This compass has a great aesthetic, thanks to its special compact and elegant design.

This hardware has an exceptional speed, security and simplicity of assembling.

High resistance and capacity from 2 to 8 kg.

Precision mechanism that ensures a light and soft movement, which can be opened easily at any angle.

It can be installed both in wooden doors and glass doors with aluminum frame.

It can be installed both in hinged and folding doors.

100,000 cycles tested.

Lifetime warranty. It has an absolutely guaranteed durability, with guarantee of durability and wear resistance.