strategies for attracting customers

Wanting to improve the functioning of the business by increasing our client portfolio, is a goal that we surely share.Therefore, in addition to being aware of the latest developments and offering the best products with the best service, it is important to know the strategies to attract new customers that you can use in the hardware sector. Which one do you think can work best for you in your business? Find out below.

The strategies to attract new customers that works best in the hardware sector

Nothing like the recommendations of other customers and users so that new ones are interested in our products and services. However, this is not the only thing that matters. It is also useful to know the most used strategies to attract new customers in other sectors, which can earn us customers, as well as to retain the ones we already have. The ones we collect here are perfectly suited to the hardware sector. They are also defined in the current context of the pandemic.

1 Easy-to-navigate website

The website of a company in the hardware sector must be easy to navigate in addition to having at the sight of the products available as well as the description and characteristics of each one. It’s not the newest strategy to attract customers, but rather a virtual showcase that can’t be missed. And a cover letter that must always be ready to make us known.

2 SEO positioning and search in the “Pay Per Click” campaigns

With a well-designed and structured website with quality content you have more options to attract new customers. The reason is that with this strategy, your brand will appear in the first organic search results when a user enters a related word. However, PPC (Pay-per-Click) campaigns must also be considered. The most prominent platforms are Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads, among others. Advertising of this type will make a brand better known to its target audience.

3 Social Networks

Social media is included in the most used strategies to attract new customers. Having a presence in the most useful for the purposes of our business is very important. Answering user questions and comments in no time and posting planned and interesting content will be the best tactic. This will help us to reach new contacts and at the same time bring them closer to the sales funnel.

4 Video marketing or video marketing

Do you know how to use video as one more part of strategies to engage customers who use many brands? Thanks to it you will be able to publicize, position and sell your product. Based on the audiovisual image, with video marketing you can create informative, demonstrative or product presentation content. They give us the option to reach users in a simple and efficient way.

5 Personalized Newsletters

With a well-designed newsletter we send information to customers about those news that we have incorporated in our company. What if that newsletter was made in a personalized way? Not only in the greeting but also in the content. By selecting what is of interest to each group of users, we will get very good results. It will become an effective tool to spread your specialized and elaborate messages for sending via mailings. It will be another of the strategies to attract clients that you will have to take into account.

By carrying out an innovative marketing strategy, tailored to your business needs, you will most likely improve your sales. What is certain is that to increase the profitability of your imports of furniture and construction hardware from China you must have the best team. Thanks to IBMH’s professional expertise and market knowledge, we can proudly say that we are the best partner for you. Contact us today! and we’ll tell you everything we can do for your business.