Discover what's new in the 'sink draining rack'

At IBMH we want to talk to you about our new featured product that becomes part of our wide range of dishes and glasses draining racks for kitchen furniture. It is the perfect solution to the needs of today’s kitchens: the draining racks. Read on and you’ll see all its advantages, as well as the benefits it would bring for your company to incorporate it into your catalog with IBMH.

Kitchen Furniture Hardware and Equipment: The New Dishe Drainer over Sink

This special dish and glass draining rack is part of our selection of kitchen cabinet hardware, specifically dish and glass draining racks for kitchen cabinet. It is so practical and novel because, in addition to having the highest quality standards as the rest of the draining racks that we have managed previously, it has the extra advantage of being able to be located above the kitchen sink saving space and providing comfort.

The dish draining rack that you can now import with IBMH is an ideal and essential component for kitchen furniture of all kinds. It is specially designed to place over the sink. This makes it easy to remove water from dishes, bowls, cutlery and other items and utensils from the kitchen.

The highlights of the set of dish and glass draining racks

Its practicality and functionality when removing water from dishes is not the only advantage of this large stainless-steel draining rack:

  • The dish drainer rack over sink is very useful. Especially when it comes to organizing everything in the sink area. It provides a feeling of pleasure by checking that this area of the kitchen is in order and well organized.
  • Its installation is simple, its cleaning and maintenance as well. The assembly is easily removable for cleaning.
  • The frame design and four anti-slip suction cups ensure optimum stability.
  • Thanks to its innovative design, end customers won’t even realize they have drainers in sight. It will be as one more decorative element!
  • Its capacity is designed to store all items without the feeling of being crowded.

Technical details of the stainless-steel draining racks

Escurridor de Platos Sobre Fregadero

The draining rack, also called dishware box or dish rack, is made of stainless-steel. And furthermore:

  1. It is offered in two finishes, the first one is brushed and the second one is anti-corrosive matte black. Brushed nickel finish is available upon request.
  2. Available in two dimensions in width that are mounted according to the width of the sink. 650mm for narrow sinks in a tub. And another 850mm suitable for sinks of two tubs of a larger width. This dimension in width is not adjustable. The latter model includes a special additional basket for placing fruits and vegetables.
  3. Its large capacity includes: hanging hooks, dish rack, bowl rack, cutlery rack, kitchen knife holder, cutting board holder and basket for liquid detergent and sponges. In addition to the additional basket or shelf to place, for example, fruits and vegetables, which we have just mentioned.


The draining rack is an ideal hardware and equipment for kitchen furniture. It is also a great product that will help your customers maintain order in their kitchen. If you want to add it to your catalog and IBMH also takes care of all your imports of furniture hardware and construction from China, contact us today! We’ll tell you everything we can do to make your business prosper.