Encouraging creativity in teams. What are the advantages? When talking about creativity in an organization it is common for sectors related to art, advertising or marketing to come to mind. However, it is a discipline that has a place in any field, also in hardware companies. These are the advantages of encouraging creativity in work teams. Let’s go see it!

 Creativity has a place in any business sector

Business creativity is understood as an innovative way to solve problems and provide ideas for a company’s improvement. In addition to having benefits for the organization, it also has them for the employee because it increases the feeling of belonging and motivation. People are creative. It is a quality of the human being that develops and works and that, within the business field, can contribute to the success and good progress of the company.  

Develop creativity in the team, what benefits does it bring to the company?

As we said before, there are several advantages of encouraging creativity. Always understood as one more element of a company’s work teams:

  • Motivation coupled with increased curiosity and a desire to learn and improve.
  • A greater sense of belonging to the company is developed. A commitment to it is created as members get involved in the project.
  • Creativity gives rise to innovation, problem solving and decision-making more effectively. Ideas arise by encouraging a creative environment in which everyone has a voice of their own.
  • Teamwork, collaboration and cooperation between members are encouraged.


 How to create the right space and environment to encourage creativity

The innovation, ideas and creative thoughts of team members need the right environment. Therefore, we will consider the following aspects:

  1. Brainstorming sessions at the beginning of the day or at the beginning of each week. They will pool projects and suggestions for improvement.
  2. The role of the leader is also important. Managers will be responsible for detecting and recognizing talent. To motivate the teams, to listen to them and to improve everything necessary to achieve an excellent work environment. All this will favor the team’s proposal of ideas.
  3. Bet on teamwork in which everyone has their role but at the same time must collaborate with the rest of the teammates.
  4. Small games like the idea board in which everyone can make their contribution and know that of others also helps when trying to encourage creativity in a company.
  5. Offer rewards to employees who achieve goals by solving problems thanks to their input of ideas.
  6. On the other hand, the climate as well as the environment and the office itself must be adequate. Feeling at ease is essential for the team to develop creative thinking.

The duality between creativity and innovation can be one of the best strategies for a company in the hardware sector. As having a great team that knows first-hand how it is operated in the Chinese market. Trust IBMH with your imports of furniture and construction hardware from China and you’ll see how your business’s profitability increases. Contact us and we will give you all the details!