At IBMH we are committed to making customer purchases a quiet and safe experience. 

The main thing when starting to search hinges and obtain the best price is to be precise in what we look for, otherwise we get a price for something that is similar or even completely different to what we are looking for

There are anti-lever and safety hinges with round bearings, made of brass, with long or short platen, chromed and lacquered in gold, steel, rustic, with or without finish, for different door sizes, stainless steel, with different shapes and finishes according to the furniture or door where the hinge is going to be installed.

Once we clearly defined the features and qualities that we want, we can get both the minimum order quantity and price. The first thing we do is a small study of the type of hinge that we are intending to import. Once the technical information or a physical sample of the hinges is provided, the procurement management team in China for IBMH starts working directly with Chinese manufacturers that offer competitive prices for the requested hinge.

We can sum up the process in 3 easy steps:

    1. Once we locate the best alternative we calculate costs to start the purchasing management in China, getting the final data for approval.
    2. Once the price is approved, we request a sample or more to test the hinge and check its quality.
    3. The moment you decide to make the importation from China, we will proceed to place the order and to carry out all the arrangements.