The price is of course an important inicial piece of information, but as we know in China they are so many diferent qualities: excellent, very good, good, fair or bad. We are going to explain how we can get you the best.

In China you can get prices from all kinds of chinese suppliers, even terrible ones. The price will logically depend on the quality you are willing to pay for. Our work consists precisely on being absolutely clear about the quality that the customer wants and keeping in mind, at all times,their current costs or need for improvement. Our goal is finding substantial improvements in quality or/and improving their adquisition costs of their products in china.

And must also take into account that in IBMH  we will not overwhelm you with great amounts of information, We receive a response from each approach that we have done, IBMH’s value is to transmit only the relevant information which requires a considerable amount of study, analysis and comparison.

In this way our clients will only receive the information when we are 100% sure that it will bring them total satisfaction. This is the only way for the customer to dedicate his time to other important neuralgic points more significant for his business .


That is why, before contacting with a customer, we personally analyze each dispatch without any concern about the city that it came from, carrying out an exhaustive Quality Control Report in china, in which apart from our personal analysis, a thorough check and comparison is made with the counter simple. Therefor the objective of the Quality Control is that the final product is exactly the same as the sample with which we have confirmed the order. Our eyes are your eyes on China.