Once we start a business collaboration with a Chinese factory ,we must maintain a healthy, flexible and transparent relationship. Unless one of the following situations occurs. 

There are some behaviors that should make any importer consider putting an end to the production carried out by their current provider. We will mention the main 3:

  1. They do not care for their workers and the CSR does not exist

If our supplier cannot pass a simple audit based on their social duty , this is a sufficient motive to stop all business relations. The framework of the social compliance goes beyond the local Chinese law, it is even hard to achieve on factories well managed. If we discover our supplier outrageously breaches the basic local legislation, such as having under aged or forced work force, we will immediately cut ties.

2.Not cooperative with the quality controls.

If a supplier denies our quality control team full access to inspect their goods and facilities, we will simply find a new one. This behavior indicates that the factory is not well equipped and that they do not trust the quality of their products.

3. Critical repetitive defects

The hardware defects from China can be classified in 3 categories: minor, high and critical. The critical defects are the worst ones, as they represent problems with the product which might harmed the final user. If our supplier consistently releases products with critical defects, even after having mentioned the importance of eliminate those problems, we will take them out from our supplying chain.