We import for you the Kitchen Draining Racks or Dish rack drainer made of stainless steel + stainless tray.

The dish drainer in stainless steel, also known as plate rack, draining dish rack or dish dryer. The dish is a really essential in a kitchen. The Kitchen Draining Rack or dish rack drainer is an accessory to be able to drain dishes, once we have cleaned glasses and other kitchen utensils.

This hardware belongs to the category of dish dryer, also known as dish rack drainer and plate rack. Dish drainer in stainless steel ideal for use in cabinets and integral kitchen furniture. The dish drainers, thanks to the stainless steel, have a long durability, and rust and wear resistance.

The Kitchen Draining Rack in stainless steel are normally placed in the high cupboard that is on top of the sink. Dish rack drainer available in several sizes to be able to be adapted perfectly to the size necessary for each cabinet or piece of furniture.

This dish rack drainer consists of a tray dish drainer, a tray glass drainer and a tray to collect drops, which are in a same pack; upon special request, it is possible to supply these different parts on an individual basis. Fixation system using PIN with built-in spring which has high hardness and resistance. On demand it is possible your request with other fastening systems.

Payload: max. 15 kg for each tray.

This hardware is ideal for installation inside cabinets, and aims to drain dishes and glasses, and allow their subsequent drying.

280 mm depth.