Purchasing Cabinet Hardware from Chinese Factories is a very profitable business for those who know how to take advantage of the Asian giant market. Although many fear the new business model in the Chinese economy, IBMH can see different advantages or opportunities that can be exploited in marketing and advertising to give your business in China momentum and maximum effectiveness per shipment.

Among these advantages, technology is of course the mainstay of China’s new exchange economy, and the factors to take advantage of are the followings:


  • Smartphones: the advantage of online or “live” services is that being on a Smartphone they can be found anywhere and, likewise, the information designed to be collected by scanners can be scanned by means of the camera of a Smartphone. Even payments and interaction with the customer can be made through these devices.
  • QR Codes: Unlike the rest of the world, in China, QRs are extremely useful and applicable; the specifications of an import order of furniture hardware in China can be checked.

Payment methods: in China there are alternatives to the paypal system that are already integrated into any Smartphone operating system in the country. Through these methods that do not require extra transactions, intermediaries, or extra “charges” to users, so that paying remotely will no longer mean any problems.

    • Real personification: It is very common to think that registering with a false name or using false data in any application is harmless. And this is very possible as long as the fake name is not used for fraudulent causes whether purchasing furniture hardware in China or any other product. In fact, the Chinese people are taking care of this fact and it is common that the use of the applications to pay, force you to give your real data when registering. Security against swindles guaranteed by the exchange economy in all your purchases of Cabinet Hardware Chinese Factories.
    • Internet giants: having the backing of companies like Alibaba is a guarantee of success in the Chinese trade, so that the Chinese exchange trade has invaded the internet in all parts of the world, thanks to IHMB your import business of furniture hardware in China can take advantage of this system of technological globalization.

    Thanks to the IBMH Cloud computing E-Business System, you and our customer can seize all the advantages that have made China’s exchange trade such a promising initiative that has raised the country’s economy, and can do so with your own business.