Customers Portal

In IBMH we believe it is very important for the continuity and loyalty of our customers to differentiate our company from our competitor through a management and information service we offer with our "IBMH Cloud Computing E-Business System" a system that allows us to provide our customers up to 50% savings on actual working hours, increasing productivity, offering faster response times and a perfect real-time tracking of each and every one of your business activities.

Some of the highlights of our "Cloud Computing IBMH E-Business System" are:

  Speed of application and reception of prices: The products are created into the system only once, from there you can create all future purchasing projects in just 3 simple steps.

  Multiple quotations from different suppliers for each purchasing  project: Our system displays several proposals from  different  factories for each purchasing project , which can be  analyzed by the Buyer very easily ,so you can choose the best option and transform it into an order.

  Integral Management and Control logistics: Effective consolidation of multiple orders into a single shipment. Automation in calculating o the capacity and use of the containers. Information in real time of all shipping companies with departure dates when needed.

  Fast response time and tracking: Tracking service, which allow you to have a perfect control and monitoring of all  the Applications, Quotes, Ordering, Shipping.

  Automated tracking of all the activities: Monitoring of all the activities, can be made by all participants involved in the management process, in a very easy way, involving different companies with different roles (Buyers, Agents, Suppliers , Freight Forwarders, Logistics Operators, etc ...)

  Perfect review of Quality Control Reports: Both in origin (made by Quality Controls IBMH), and destination (Quality Control made by Buyers) can be found into the system.

  Available information in real time: Our automated system reports to all participants involved in the business process as soon as the relevant information is available. (Buyers, Agents, Suppliers, Freight Forwarders, Logistics Operators, etc ...)