When we want to ensure the quality of a cargo, there are many tools that we can use in terms of human capital; as quality inspectors, personal visits, hire third-party QC specialists such as IBMH, and even trust the company staff.

However, all these resources can fail if they do not have a checklist. To better explain how we can help you improve your experience of buying furniture hardware in China, we will tell you about the importance of a checklist in quality control.

What role does the checklist play in the inspection?

Regardless of the equipment or method of quality control you use, a checklist is the only way to ensure that no detail is overlooked during the inspection. The importance of covering every detail of the standards lies in that only when evaluating all aspects of the product you can get a real and concise quality report that truly fits your needs. The most common cause of incorrect quality reports is the review failure.

Importance of the checklist

When performing a quality control inspection, it is necessary to take into account certain factors that are very important during the inspection process and that can only be reliable based on the checklist:

  • AQL sampling
  • Product check
  • Classification of defects
  • Checking the packaging
  • Product testing on site.

  • The checklist is very important in AQL standards sampling since it indicates the reference of the sample size. This process must be risky to be considered reliable and for you to avoid possible scams in the quality of the cargo. At IBMH we have native quality inspectors who have grown up with the company and know the rules of the hardware manufacturers in China.When guaranteeing the quality of a Chinese furniture hardware, it is necessary to have knowledge and reference of each one of the specifications required by the standards of your cargo. The checklist ensures that the general guidelines and extra specifications are clear and concise. At IBMH we have developed an exclusive digitized system that guarantees your ability to closely monitor every aspect of the inspection as if you were on site. In the same way as with the product check, to ensure that the specifications of the packaging match those of the merchandise requires a checklist detailing each of them.



Finally, at IBMH we ensure that your quality control checklist accurately reflects the severity and condition of the defects in the shipment, testing it with the on-site product test, being our native experts in the furniture hardware market in China, who know even the minimum quality defects in the product to ensure your cargo.