Among the new trade policies that have been implemented in China since 2013, we find the implementation of experimental free trade zones. These areas have an individual purpose to contribute directly to the stimulus of the Chinese economy. This may seem overwhelming, however, at IBMH we have analyzed the management of these zones and we bring you a summary of the expectations that it generates.

Free trade zones and their relationship with IBMH

Initially, the idea of free trade zones is to develop this system among them, so that they can learn to develop strategies to be able to move them later to other interior regions that generate an even greater free trade network, and can finally affect international investment, thus promoting the intervention of companies such as IBMH, which handle their furniture hardware business in China or other products from other countries. In this regard and taking into account the current management we have in the Chinese market, we expect that the policies implemented will improve our business relations with the country in the future.

The real impact of free trade zones on the market

Although the expectations in the medium or long term can be very promising, the truth is that in the 4 years of experiment that have been developed, the results have not been precisely impressive; it is still necessary to create a real trading environment beyond the precautions and controls that the government may be implementing in the current free trade zones.

It seems that the guidelines needed to release a true commercial environment are unclear or have not actually been verified by the State entities, which, although they act cautiously by the delicate measures (from their point of view), have not still reached the level of competitiveness in this area that could be beneficial for many suppliers of furniture hardware in China, and for their entire industry in general.

However, at IBMH we have a range of customers and contacts that will be ideal for you to thrive when buying furniture hardware in China, and we also have the ability to adapt to the Chinese market change, thanks to our wide understanding and experience within it. Finally, we have our excellent quality control that will always guarantee the reliability of working with us.