The Slide On hinge is a hardware that we import into our furniture hardware program in China from Furniture Hardware Chinese Factories. This hardware is the most economical hinge sold for the first price markets. The concept Slide On means that the system of anchorage between the hinge and its base is done by means of a screw and not by means of a clip of fast adjustment, so that is the reason why its price is much more economic.

This model of Slide On hinge is an ideal option to import furniture hardware from Chinese factories. This is due to the fact that this model of hinge, quite common in the market, has certain important technical aspects, which we cannot control, measure and quantify.

First of all, from IBMH we always recommend Two Way hinges, since it is a feature that, if it does not have it, substantially reduces the life of the hinge, since the lever effect that would produce the door when opening and closing the furniture, would make the locking screws fixing the base of the hinge to the side of the cabinet come to an end, since these sides of the cabinet are usually made of cheap board or agglomerate, whereby the simple pressure exerted by a One Way hinge when opening the door would cause the hinge will end up detaching from the side of furniture.

It is also very important that the depth of the bowl is 13mm and not 12.5mm, 12mm and even 11mm. If the depth is less than 13mm, at the time of installation, the base of the bowl does not fit into the perforation of the door making a swing movement, which causes that in the short term the screws also come off.

Also, the quality of the final finish and the zinc bath, which is key to the resistance to rust, from IBMH we have very well controlled with the control we make on the suppliers of furniture hardware in China, with whom we work, so we ensure the life of the hinge and its special resistance to external atmospheric agents.

The weight of the hinge is an important variable when it comes to quote and evaluate its resistance to the weight of the door, since it is not the same a hinge which support the weight of a solid wood door, as the weight of a door made of particle board. From IBMH we have the necessary experience to control the quality of furniture suppliers in China with whom we work.

We also control the key parts for the smooth operation of the hinges, such as the back plate, the quality of the materials in the manufacture of the different parts of the hinge, such as the internal strap exerted by the closing pressure of the hinge, since this strap can be made of Iron, Steel or Manganese Steel, being the last one the quality that would allow us to open and close the doors during their entire life, without having the usual problem of doors misalign and trip over when closing the furniture doors.