When we think of a quality control inspection (Quality Control- QC), we are aware of what is evaluated is the quality of the product or cargo that we have purchased. In this vein, the logical thing would be to think that the result of this inspection determines if the cargo will be transported or will be retained.

In very general theories this is true; however, there may be cases where the QC inspection result reflects a status that does not conform to the true status of the cargo, thus an “Approved” cargo can be held or a “Failed” cargo can be shipped, especially with furniture fittings China suppliers and other areas of Asia. This is due to errors of judgment in the AQL of the inspection.

However, at IBMH we want to make sure your inspections reflect the content of your cargo, so we want to advise you on quality control.

What determines that the result of the inspection is effective?

When we affirm that QC inspection determines the quality of a product, we must take into account that this quality level is based on reference standards. Reference standards refer to the specific factors that must be taken into account in order for a product to be considered of quality or not.

Thus, if the cargo comes from a furniture hardware factory in China, factors such as the model of hardware, the type of furniture to which they fit, the size, etc. are reference standards for the product requested. In this sense, if we want to buy furniture hardware for doors, but we get 5 hardware for tables, this would also be a quality defect of the cargo, as it does not meet the customer’s reference standards.

How can I be confident that the result of inspecting my furniture hardware in China will be satisfactory?

If we take into account the logic above mentioned, it is possible that the “approved” or “failed” result of an inspection does not necessarily respond to what the client has in mind. If the customer fails to provide an important reference standard for the product, the shipment could be “approved” without meeting the requirements. This could complicate the import of furniture hardware from China.

At IBMH we have a sourcing service that will help you maintain a thorough monitoring of the production of your cargo. Through AQL, before production start, at the end of production and before loading, our IBMH quality control experts give you the confidence that the result of your inspection will reflect what is in the cargo.