As we all know, quality control professionals are often trained engineers for all technical jargon, curves and formulas that represent the fibers of which AQL is made of. Each one of these elements is necessary for the understanding and use of the AQL.

I am an importer, can I understand the AQL?

In this respect, when the furniture importer attempts to effectively apply the criteria for his AQL inspection, he may lack the necessary knowledge to make the most of his inspection when importing furniture hardware from China supplier. Even understanding the basic formulas, there are statistics and analytics that generate data for the selection of the sample.

Understand the selection criteria for the number of samples to choose from in a shipment of hardware, how the AQL determines the inspection result, and how to apply those results requires a thorough understanding of the management of hardware suppliers for furniture in China. It is usually difficult for a new importer to know all the edges that this business involves, especially if the customer is the corporate giant of furniture factories in China, which will take advantage of all their knowledge about it to get the maximum benefit even if the product has a doubtful quality.

How can IBHM help me to better understand and apply AQL?

At IBHM we have 20 years of experience in the world of wholesale importing furniture hardware, and 14 of them have been in the furniture hardware market in China. Therefore, we are aware of all the tricks that can be done to take full advantage of the AQL.

Likewise, we have designed a system of digital reports, with specialists in each area of the field of quality control who are highly qualified to explain and advice on the management of AQL. Our sourcing and sales advisory team guarantees the highest quality criteria, sampling and inspection. With our technicians team you will be able to make any purchase of furniture hardware in china, with the manufacturer that you want, and you will be able to guarantee your import of wood furniture hardware and doors from China with the best quality of the market.