After analyzing several cities of the Asian giant, we have concluded that Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen are the best cities for expats. Do you know why?

On the one hand, Shanghai is the leading metropolis of East Asia. On the Pudong side we can see some of the world’s highest skyscrapers, statements of China’s intention to influence the global economy with its Chinese factories and suppliers. Directly across the river, we can find the architecture built by the European powers who chose Shanghai for its strategic location as a port city, where we find companies linked to the import of furniture hardware from China.

Import of furniture hardware from China.

In this way, Shanghai is “the city that combines East and West in the most natural and successful way, giving the city an exciting cosmopolitan atmosphere.” The energy of the city is perhaps most evident at night, when much of the city and its skyscrapers are illuminated, giving a futuristic feeling somewhat disconcerting.

On the other hand, Beijing is an ultra-modern metropolis that has been built around the historic hutong neighborhoods and iconic buildings of the ancient capital. Beijing stretches in all directions, with the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square in its center. The northwest is home for many of China’s top universities as well as technology companies like Baidu and Lenovo.

Most of the international business activity is located in the east, focused on the Central Business District of Guomao. However, the vintage hutong neighborhoods are a favorite of China’s intelligent foreigners seeking to duplicate the cultural experience. Beijing is a large city with many interesting areas to explore and make imports from ChinaFinally, we find Shenzhen, the first Chinese city to open up to economic liberalization and it continues to show its privileged situation at the forefront of Chinese modernization. Shenzhen also has a clear advantage: it is a center of innovation and a welcoming place for foreign talent and investment.