The adjustable legs for tables that we recommend at IBMH to import as furniture hardware in China, have generally superior quality than most of the legs that can be found in China, therefore, the one we recommend has improved technical aspects so they have greater durability and stability.

For example, the adjustable legs we recommend have an internal upper plate that is fully welded around the inner contour of the leg, which makes it much more durable, and the welding is 100% imperceptible on the outside of the leg, while the standard legs leave an external mark on the welding points, this can be due to the thin thickness of the steel blade of the leg, or due to poor welding quality. All this helps that the table does not have oscillating movements and that maintains an exquisite stability during the whole life of use of the table.


It should be taken into account that it is also extremely important that the welding process carried out by the factory is not a manual process, since it is ideal that the welding process is carried out by an automated process in which practically the human intervention is really very small, achieving with them that welding, on all adjustable legs for tables imported for furniture in China, is always 100% the same, and a total stability in the production processes.

In addition, the leg that we recommend has the top plate fixed to the bottom of the table 100% flat, this is easily verifiable when it is placed on a flat surface, the plate will come into contact with the surface in 100% of its contour, and this translates into better fixation and greater durability.

Also, this adjustable table leg has the retaining bolt. The bolt that joins the leg with the top plate, attached to the lower leg, makes the installation extremely easy and avoids errors and damages due to poor installation, so the top plate must be attached next to the bottom of the table, and then the leg is screwed to the plate turning it, as it were a nut. Likewise, the thickness of the steel that is used in the leg we recommend is thick enough to last over time.

All these characteristics make the leg we recommend, within the framework of the import of furniture hardware in China of IBMH, to be superior to the majority of those that are manufactured.