What is “Made in China 2025”? There is currently a fear of buying furniture hardware in China, as there are new trade policies that seek to be implemented in the country’s economic system in a dubious way for traditional trade.

This situation generates fear, since when talking about a communist state it is understood that the government seeks to subsidize certain companies; however, within China, many of them do not have such support. On the other hand, offering technological support from a government to a certain sector of the foreign economy could mean a drastic change in the countries of these foreign economies, without ensuring that it is for a good reason.

Does this policy affect my importation of furniture hardware in China?

When buying furniture hardware in China, the limitations, constraints and difficulties seem to be daily. Most shipments can be unsatisfactory due to the lack of real quality inspection professionals or the handling of the processes for negotiating with furniture hardware suppliers in China. This has grown to become the nightmare of imports since the “Made in China 2025” initiative was announced.

However, while the fear of “Made in China 2025” may strike less experienced companies, we have roots deep enough in the Asian market to sustain and ensure that your cargo is subjected to the necessary quality controls and that you receive the commercial advice needed to purchase furniture hardware in China and not to die trying it.

How does IBMH guarantee my shipment?

At IBMH we have 14 years of experience working in the Asian market with a direct working method (we are not intermediaries) in which we guarantee the security, quality and the best possible service as if we were your own purchasing office, but located in China. Highly trained or experienced inspectors and technicians will take and advise your business of importing furniture hardware in China. We also have 20 years of experience in the wholesale furniture hardware business, so our purchasing advisors are trained to ensure that your Chinese furniture hardware are imported correctly.

Finally, at IBMH we are completely independent of the furniture hardware manufacturers in China, so we do not depend directly on the economic policies that affect them or commit interests in the economic changes that affect them.