What is AQL and what is it for? What is the maximum number of defects we can tolerate for a shipment to be viable? At IBMH we have highly skilled workers to ensure the highest quality in your project to import furniture hardware from China, based on the AQL system.

Its name comes from its acronym “Acceptable Quality Level”. This means that the AQL approval is the minimum quality that would be acceptable for a shipment.


How does AQL work?

In quite simple terms, this process consists of taking a sample of the cargo and reviewing item by item so that the result can be taken as reference of the quality of the rest of the shipment. Thus, there are high and low AQL, being 0-1 the maximum level of quality (it refers to a maximum of 1 defect in the sample to be marked as approved) and increasing the number as the quality level decreases.

Likewise, these parameters vary according to the size of the sample: so if it is a sample of 80 pieces, of 100 pieces, etc. The relationship and tolerance level between sample size and number of defects is denoted in the “AQL Table” that our IBMH experts handle perfectly. So we can find a point of acceptance and a point of rejection; and if the AQL is between 1-3 it means that up to 1 error is acceptable, but more than 3 is rejected. Approving the AQL is essential to approve quality control. Therefore, we must take into account that the range of AQL to choose should be “approved” for our cargo without becoming “low quality”.

Our consultants have great experience in the knowledge about wholesale purchasing hardware for furniture, so they can give you the advice needed to acquire the indicated AQL. In addition we developed a digital reporting tool that will avoid any problems that might arise when purchasing furniture hardware in China.

Why do not we simply choose the highest quality AQL and thus guarantee a better cargo?

Because it is impossible for all types of shipments to pass that level. It is almost impossible for a cargo to be 100% quality: there is always at least one defective item. High AQLs are ideal for high quality China hardware manufacturers. But if, on the other hand, he seeks to buy wholesale furniture hardware targeting the economy, a more tolerant level of AQL would be advisable. At IBMH we have trained analysts to ensure that the quality control applied to your cargo is acceptable.