Nowadays, there is a notable growth of B2C e-commerce in China due to the spectacular growth of the Internet, which allows the connection between buyers and sellers in cities and rural areas. The B2B commerce in China is not as smooth as B2C. Despite this, it is estimated that this sector is much easier in China. For you, looking for the best suppliers of furniture hardware in China, from IBMHCORP we show you the influence of electronic commerce on businesses in this country.

Growth of online shoppers

Online shoppers almost always seek to import consumer goods. Whether they are furniture hardware manufacturers in China or another type of company, the fact is that import e-commerce is currently growing, thanks to the possibility that gives the Internet to small and medium entrepreneurs to join the global market.

Many furniture hardware factories in China are gearing up for the era of global e-commerce, thanks to the support of mobile technology. In fact, communications in China have changed proportionally to the form of transactions. There are more than 400 million online shoppers in China today, with a focus on logistical development, Internet infrastructure in the nation, and government support.