New two-socket kitchen mixer faucet with oscillating nozzle


At IBMH we have a wide range of industrial kitchen sinks of different models and sizes. A line that is extended by the two-socket kitchen faucet with oscillating nozzle that comes to complement the industrial kitchen sinks thus offering a practical solution to end customers. Keep reading, to know all its advantages and what are the features that make it unique.

Why is the two-socket kitchen mixer faucet our new featured product?

The two-socket tap to insert in industrial kitchen sinks has become our most current outstanding product for its quality and innovation. But also, for its cutting-edge design and for offering the best solution to end customers.

It is a model with two outputs that works with low pressure and has an oscillating high neck nozzle which allows better access when cleaning dishes and other kitchen utensils. The aerator allows to filter the impurities while it mixes air in the water making the water outlet become soft. And no splashes!

In addition, incorporating it into your hardware catalog with the professional management of IBMH is a good guarantee. And a way to increase your competitive advantage.

The technical characteristics of the IBMH two-socket kitchen faucet

On the other hand, the taps to insert in the industrial kitchen sinks have the following technical characteristics:

  • They are made of ABS material that never rusts and finished in glossy chrome. Which gives it a modern and elegant look.
  • The valve core of the two-socket kitchen faucet is ceramic. This guarantees a greater number of opening cycles without wear.
  • It has keys identified with color code for hot (red) and cold (blue) water.
  • Connections are ½ inch. In addition, they have integrated the NPT rope that meets the standard set in the international specifications.


Kitchen faucet. Advantages of our latest model

And so, what are the benefits of customers having this faucet in their kitchen?

  • This two-socket kitchen faucet of quality and functional design is prepared to adapt to all types of kitchens whatever their style.
  • The quality materials with which they are made guarantee their durability and resistance.
  • Its stability is optimal. The outflow of water does not cause splashes.
  • Its assembly is simple and intuitive. No maintenance required. And its cleaning is easily carried out.
  • Allows you to comfortably wash all kitchen items.
  • If necessary, its modular system allows you to easily install the equipment and replace worn parts when required.
  • They are designed to insert into industrial kitchen sinks, including the dish drainer, which you can also add to your catalog with IBMH.

You already know, in our complete range for industrial kitchen sinks you will find the best accessories, including the two-socket kitchen faucet. If you want to add it to your catalog and that IBMH take care of all your furniture and construction hardware imports from China with the maximum guarantee of success, contact us today! We will be happy to assist you!