What documentation should you demand from your Chinese suppliers to ensure the success of your imports?

It is not a matter of asking our Chinese suppliers the more papers the better. But those documents that assure us that the operation will be carried out with the greatest guarantees. There is specific documentation that must be required of Chinese suppliers and that will ensure the success of imports. Take good note!

Why it’s important to request certain documentation from Chinese suppliers

In addition to purchase and sale contracts that oblige both parties to comply with the agreement, Chinese suppliers must show a series of documents, reports and export certificates that ensure that the merchandise is really what it claims to be. And that they also guarantee what has been agreed in terms of shipping, transport, and other relevant aspects.

It will also provide us with the confidence we need to get our company on the right track. If one of the parts of the chain fails, the result will not be as expected. That is why you must be aware of what are the official documents that Chinese suppliers have to show.

The documentation that our Chinese suppliers must provide us

Specifically, we must have on the table the following documents:

  1. Business License

It is proof that the company is legally registered in China. According to all the provisions and regulations in force. The business license is a number consisting of 18 digits.

  1. Certificate of registration of foreign trade

The supplier must be registered in foreign trade. It is an essential document for companies operating in international import and export.

  1. ISO 9001 Certificate

This quality certificate is another documentation to be shown by Chinese suppliers. It shows that the system that guarantees quality is met. As well as management responsibility and measurement and analysis and improvement.

  1. Customs registration certificate

In this case it is ensured that the supplier is registered and allowed to make customs declarations in China and that, therefore, there are no intermediaries to manage this part of the process.

  1. Bank Account Certificate

When this document is requested from Chinese suppliers, the company’s official bank account details in China are given. Thus, avoiding fraud or scams.

  1. Test reports

By requesting test reports as documentation from Chinese suppliers we ensure that the products meet the declared standards and with the corresponding quality.

  1. Proformed invoice

This document aims to ensure that the payment will be made in the official bank account in the name of the holder. In it all the appropriate details must appear. Name of the supplier, name of the bank account, name of the company and ISO 9001 certificate.

IBMH’s contribution to hardware imports with Chinese suppliers

Given the current situation, many factories in China are going through a compromised financial situation due to the low volume of their sales. Which can translate into a problem for companies that want to import. But they do not have the possibility of being in direct contact with China.

At IBMH, in addition to requiring official documentation from Chinese suppliers, we take care of:

  • Request financial reports from third parties, audits, about the manufacturers with whom we work.
  • Guarantee the solvency of the manufacturers to subsequently manage with the client the payment of the corresponding advance and necessary for the start of the manufacture of the product. Thus, avoiding any possible risk.

At IBMH we have been carrying out a strict control of the financial situation of each of the suppliers with whom we work for years. We know that it is not only a matter of getting a good final price. But to guarantee the quality of the hardware and the guarantee of payments. In addition, you will also have the assurance that you will proceed following the best practices.

Having a specialized partner like IBMH with more than 25 years of experience in the furniture and construction hardware sector will be your best option. Contact us today and we will tell you everything we can do for your business!