Industrial kitchen sinks and drainage system: new IBMH product

At IBMH we present our latest line of industrial kitchen sinks. It is our new featured product not only for its quality and for expanding the range of sinks of different dimensions that we already have, but because it is an excellent solution to the current demands of end customers. Keep reading to discover its technical characteristics and all the advantages of incorporating it with us into your hardware catalog.

 Industrial kitchen sinks are IBMH’s new featured product

Fregaderos de cocina

The industrial kitchen sinks that you can already import with IBMH professional management present a perfect solution to the needs of modern kitchens. The kitchen laundry room is presented in a furniture model of 800mm. It has a washing tub and a surface for draining kitchen items. As well as the models of two tubs and drainer for furniture of 1000mm and 1200mm wide.

All our industrial kitchen sinks have been made with stainless steel of the best quality, in a satin finish that combines perfectly with the aesthetics of the furniture of the most current kitchens.

Advantages of industrial kitchen sinks that you can import with IBMH

Among its many benefits are the following:

  • Industrial kitchen sinks have their own drainage system that includes the siphon which is sold separately.
  • There is the option to mount the right or left drainer according to the needs.
  • Its high-quality design makes it a sturdy and durable accessory.
  • As for installation and assembly, it is simple and very intuitive.
  • Its capacity is designed to wash the dishes with great comfort.
  • And its aesthetics complement perfectly with all kinds of models.
  • It is possible to install the dish drainer over the industrial kitchen sink.


Technical characteristics of industrial kitchen sinks with drainage system

Fregaderos de cocina

Of its technical characteristics we mention the following:

  1. Two models for furniture of 800mm (of a bucket or tub with its drainer), and of 1000mm and 1200mm (of two tubs or buckets with its drainer) are presented.
  2. It is possible to locate the drainer on the right or left side. Therefore, the number of variants meets the construction expectations of kitchens.
  3. Industrial kitchen sinks are made of grade 201 stainless steel that guarantees their resistance to corrosion thus complying with the saline chamber requirements required by current international standards.
  4. All industrial kitchen sinks models are suitable to combine with most two-entry key models. Hot water and cold water.
  5. Drainage system pipes are easy to install. In addition to resistant in normal use. The semi-transparent siphon allows quick cleaning to avoid clogging.

Adding these industrial kitchen sinks to your catalog will be a competitive advantage. And if you also want IBMH to take care of all your imports of furniture and construction hardware from China and thus see how the profitability of your business increases, you just contact us. We are waiting for you!